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Coronavirus statistics on the first day of lockdown: 2402 people have been hospitalized in the past 24 hours

During January 7, 5,676 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus disease were recorded in Ukraine. In particular, 166 children, and 179 health workers fell ill.

Also for the past day:

  • 2402 people were hospitalized;
  • died—83;
  • recovered—5131;
  • 20,192 tests were made (including 16,152 by PCR method, 4,040 by ELISA method).

During the pandemic, 1,105,169 people fell ill, 778,345 recovered, 19,588 died, and 5,733,555 PCR tests were performed.

The largest number of new cases was registered in the city of Kyiv (438), Mykolaiv (418), Donetsk (384), Dnipropetrovsk (376), and Kyiv (371) regions.

A record number of new cases have been recorded have been recorded in the world in the past 24 hours—821,000 (in total, 88.5 million people have already fallen ill). 14,670 people (1.91 million) died.


On January 8, a lockdown began in Ukraine and will last until January 24.

Cafes, bars, clubs, and restaurants are closed. They can only work for takeaway or delivery.

Only buy essential goods, the press, and household chemicals can be bought in the shopping centers.

Gyms, swimming pools, and fitness centers are closed, as are non-food markets.

Any mass events are prohibited.

It is forbidden to visit educational institutions (except for kindergartens and special educational institutions).

Work of the following establishments and business entities is allowed:

  • shops (food products, medicines, and communications);
  • gas station (without food zones) and service station;
  • banks and financial institutions;
  • veterinary clinics, pharmacies;
  • hotels;
  • post offices.

Hairdressers and beauty salons are open by appointment only.

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