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Ukraine registers 400 COVID-19 cases per day — Liashko

In Ukraine, about 400 cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 are now recorded per day. Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko reported this during the TV broadcast.

Since the beginning of April, the number of new cases has been declining. "At the beginning of the war, during the first week, 4,000 cases were recorded per day, give or take. Then there was a decline to 2,500 cases, and now we see 400 cases," Liashko said.

He added that these are statistics only from institutions that can provide them. The eastern regions are not up to reporting on Covid now, and they are not required to do so.

About 2,900 people are now in hospitals diagnosed with Covid and receiving oxygen therapy.

Vaccination against coronavirus continues, 355,000 people were vaccinated in March, 77,000 — during the first half of April.

According to the Worldometer resource, in Ukraine:

  • a total of 4.99 million cases;
  • 108,200 people died from Covid;
  • 1,605 new cases were recorded on April 13; 1,575 — on April 14;
  • 27 people died on April 13, 26 — on April 14.

In the world, 503.9 million cases have already been recorded, 6.2 million people have died.

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