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Mobilization to continue after May 24: Who is being recruited and when next wave to start. Explanation by Command of AFU Ground Forces

Mobilization in Ukraine will last until May 24. So far, all targets have been 100% attained, but the conscription of those liable for military duty may continue.

According to Roman Horbach, Chief of Staff of the Command headquarters of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during two months of general mobilization, all targets were 100% attained.

Quote"At present, conscription is carried out at a slower pace, because in early February the defense forces were fully staffed. At the moment, only roundout takes place. Mobilization was announced for three months, and its extension will depend only on the operational situation in combat formations. This applies to both officers and soldiers," he said.

According to him, in general, mobilization was announced for three months that expire in three weeks. Whether the conscription will continue after May 24 depends on the situation in the combat zone.

How mobilization will continue in Ukraine-2022:

  • Mobilization was announced on February 24 for three months. After May 24, it will most likely continue.
  • The mobilization was 100% fulfilled, and therefore its pace has significantly decreased.
  • There was no second or third wave of mobilization, the first wave still continues: people were called into service with different intensity. The next wave is not yet planned, and even if it starts, not only officers will be mobilized, but all who will be needed to fill the ranks of military units.
  • Currently, mainly those are conscripted who have military background or were trained at the drill meetings.
  • The conscripted soldiers are very highly qualified.
  • The motivation of recruited military personnel is even higher compared to 2014.

Why are men forcibly mobilized at checkpoints and stops?

Chief of Staff of the Command headquarters of the AFU Ground Forces commented on the reports that at the beginning of the war, men were forcibly mobilized at checkpoints and public transport stops.

Quote"The mechanism of mobilization is not voluntary. Voluntary basis is provided for only upon joining military service under a contract. Mobilization or compulsory military service is the duty of every citizen to defend their state. Serving call-up papers to a person liable for military service that he must come to the territorial recruitment center happens in any manner, there is no no provision for place and method," Horbach explained.

Regarding those liable for military service who got call-up papers, but went abroad illegally, evading the performance of their duties, the current legislation provides for criminal liability for this, the spokesperson of the Command headquarters of the AFU Ground Forces explained. As well as for assistance in illegal border crossing, if such facts are established.

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