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Nord Stream 2 is one step away from the finish line: German media reported on completion on the eve of Independence Day of Ukraine

The construction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 will be officially completed on 23 August. According to DW, gas will be pumped through it to Germany, the Netherlands, and some regions of Italy.

After the US and Germany reached an agreement on the project last month, nothing stood in the way of its completion. At the same time, the countries assured that they would impose sanctions against Russia if it tries to use the gas pipeline in order to harm Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Russian energy giant Gazprom recently commented on the promises of Joe Biden and Angela Merkel for the first time. The company stressed that the parties' statement "is declarative and, by its legal nature, is not a legally binding document."

Context. Russia planned to complete the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline at the end of 2019. However, its completion was hampered by US sanctions.

In June 2021, Russia launched individual parts of the project in test mode.

Additionally. It is noteworthy that the first constituent summit of the Crimean Platform will take place on the day of the gas pipeline construction completion. It will bring together leaders of states, prime ministers, senior officials, and experts from more than 40 countries to discuss the de-occupation of Crimea.

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