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"Russia's victory" and "continuation of the struggle": how Ukraine and its allies assessed the Agreement on Nord Stream 2

Ukraine is initiating consultations with the European Commission and Berlin on Nord Stream 2 after Germany's Agreement with the United States, as the project threatens the security of Ukraine and violates the principles of diversification of the EU Energy Union. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already sent relevant notes to Brussels and Berlin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba reported on Twitter.

The waiver of attempts to stop the gas pipeline construction also created additional political, military and energy threats to Ukraine and Central Europe, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Zbigniew Rau and Kuleba noted during a joint statement.

"Ukraine and Poland will work together with their allies and partners to counter the launch of Nord Stream 2 until solutions are developed to overcome the security crisis, support countries in their efforts to become members of Western democratic institutions, and minimize threats to peace and energy security."

Dmytro Kuleba

Dmytro Kuleba

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The Ministers called on the United States and Germany to take the security of the crisis in the region adequately, since the only party that will benefit is Russia.

And the representative of the President of Poland, Błażej Spychalski, called the situation around Nord Stream 2 a victory for Russia.

Quote"If we are talking about the construction of this gas pipeline, then in practice we are dealing with Russia’s victory. Due to this infrastructure, Russia will benefit from influencing the European gas market, and, above all, it will earn from this," Spychalski commented on the Agreement between the United States and Germany.

He stressed that with such an Agreement on Nord Stream 2, Germany violates European solidarity.

Ukraine, in turn, intends to discuss with the United States and Germany how their Agreements on the Russian gas pipeline can reduce the risks to Ukraine's security, Kuleba stated at a press conference with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Péter Szijjártó.

At the same time Yuriy Vitrenko, the Head of Naftogaz, noted that the US Congress supports Ukraine in understanding the threat posed by Nord Stream 2.

"Our American partners in Congress fully share the position that Nord Stream 2 threatens the security of Ukraine. Therefore, they are ready to continue to jointly struggle against this Russian project. There are still instruments for this."

Yuriy Vitrenko

Yuriy Vitrenko

Acting Minister of Energy

He also said that he had discussed with senators and congressmen the corporate reform, "green" energy and investments in Ukraine.

Dmytro Dmitry Razumkov, the Head of the Verkhovna Rada, also requests the US Congress to stop Nord Stream 2. He urged the United States to continue the policy of sanctions.

"I appeal to the US Congress to consistently continue the policy of sanctions that would prevent the completion and commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline."

Dmytro Razumkov

Dmytro Razumkov

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada

In an open letter to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi Razumkov urged Congress to refrain from approving agreements that would threaten the energy security of Europe and the national interests of the United States and Ukraine.

He also requested to consider the possibility of introducing additional sanctions against legal entities and individuals associated with the gas pipeline construction. The Head of the Verkhovna Rada noted that Nord Stream 2 poses a direct threat to the energy security of Ukraine and Europe and is part of an aggressive policy against Ukraine and the entire Western world.

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