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The Polish police have completed a secret mission to clear mines around Kyiv

The Polish police have completed a secret mission in Ukraine. The officers have been clearing landmines in the Kyiv region for five months.

This was reported by Wirtualna Polska.

The media outlet points out that Poland’s police agreed to the secret mission while other countries didn’t dare to. All the officers have already crossed the border going back to Poland.

The mission was commenced after Ukraine applied to the ATLAS, a tactical police group that includes special anti-terrorism units of the 27 Member States of the European Union. The Ukrainians asked to send deminers to clear the liberated territories.

A team of 98 officers was created on the instructions of Poland’s interior minister. It included explosive technicians, medics, and combat team members. Polish deminers had been working in Ukraine secretly for five months, clearing the territory of the Kyiv region of landmines. According to the media outlet, one of their first tasks was to clear an airport near Kyiv.

During the mission, the Polish deminers neutralized a total of 2,000 explosive devices. They also cleared roads and fields of anti-tank and anti-personnel landmines. No one of the Polish volunteers was hurt.

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