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Massacre in Bucha: NYT posts new photo and video evidence

The New York Times posted new photos and videos of the atrocities committed by the Russian invaders in Bucha near Kyiv. Publicized footage shows Russian soldiers executing at least eight Ukrainians.

One of the video evidence, dated March 4, shows nine prisoners being led by the occupiers. The authors of the article stress that this footage confirms that these men were in custody minutes before their death.

There is another video showing that the prisoners are already lying near the fence. The author of the video is a soldier of the Russian Federation, during the shooting he counts the prisoners.

Eyewitnesses told NYT reporters that after the events caught on video, the invaders took the men at gunpoint to the building, which they used as their base. According to them, Russian soldiers forced the prisoners to kneel, and then almost immediately began to shoot them. The bodies of the men lay in the yard for more than a month. These words are proved by a video from a drone, filmed the next day — on March 5. It shows several dead bodies near the office building at 144 Yablunska Street. In the photographs taken after Bucha had been liberated, 8 bodies can be seen from this place.

The American journalists identified both the dead and the military who shot them.


Evidence left behind by the Russians points to two specific paratrooper units that may have been at the base at the time. Packing slips for crates of weapons and ammunition listed Units 32515 and 74268, corresponding respectively to the 104th and 234th Airborne Assault Regiments.

Context. Bucha on the map of Ukraine will be imprinted in memory for many years as a place where dramatic developments had happened that shocked humanity with their cruelty.

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