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Bellingcat postpones film premiere about "Wagnergate" until autumn

Investigative journalists from Bellingcat group have postponed the premiere of a documentary about the disruption of a special operation by the Ukrainian special services to detain mercenaries of the Russian PMC Wagner.

The forthcoming of the investigation in the text version can be expected in June, the video version will be released after the summer of 2021. This was said by the head of the investigation, Christo Grozev.

Explaining the delay in the film release, Grozev said that production had been complicated by the pandemic and the related travel restrictions, as well as the complex and lengthy data verification procedures Bellingcat receives during the investigation.

Last December, Grozev said that the result of the investigation would be presented in two parts. The first one is an investigation that uses some of the information gathered and interviews. It will probably be ready in February. A documentary is expected by autumn. Then it was said that the shortened version of the film would be shown on YouTube at the end of March, and the full version would be released in July on the streaming service Netflix.

Context. On July 29, the authorities detained 32 militants of the PMC Wagner in Belarus. Ukraine requested their extradition, since some of them fought in the Donbas. But Minsk released them all to Russia.

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