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Collecting signatures to ban TikTok have begun in Ukraine

Ombudsperson of Children Rights Mykola Kuleba supports the ban in Ukraine of social networks that do not control content harmful to children, including application TikTok.

Kuleba stated this in a comment to UNN, adding that one school near Kyiv has collected over 10 thousand signatures of teachers and parents to ban TikTok, claiming that the relevant practice now exists in other countries, for example, in the USA and Italy.

Quote"I am definitely in favor of banning such destructive networks, because they are uncontrollable, and the matter of control was raised. But this should be done by the provider—the owner of TikTok should, just like on Facebook or YouTube, control the content and not allow destructive content to be made public. This is exactly what TikTok doesn't have," he said.

Kuleba also added that in order to ban the social network, someone needs to submit a relevant draft law. At the same time, he does not have such powers, so "someone from parliament" should do it. And if the deputies support the document, the social network will be banned in Ukraine.

Context. Earlier in Ukraine, four schoolgirls were poisoned by the medication "Drotaverine", one of them died. This happened in the Kyiv region and the city of Uman after the girls saw a video urging the users to drink 40 pills of the medication and "decided to try it".

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