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No cigarettes or alcohol in supermarkets: Servant of the People proposes to restrict sales

Deputy from the Servant of the People faction Georgy Mazurashu submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill No. 5805 proposing to prohibit the sale of alcohol and any cigarettes in supermarkets. Also, the bill proposes to move the sale of such goods to specialized outlets.

In an explanatory note to the bill, the author substantiated his initiative with research on the impact of alcohol on human health conducted by scientists from the Global Burden of Diseases international collaboration. According to this research, there is no safe dose of alcohol for humans. That is why, according to Mazurashu, the state should tightly control the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

The bill proposes:

  • to prohibit the sale of any alcohol, except non-alcoholic beer, tobacco products, devices for consuming it by heating (Glo, IQOS), as well as electronic cigarettes and liquids for them in stores and supermarkets selling other goods;
  • it is allowed to sell such products only in specialized stationary retail outlets, where other goods, except those listed, are not sold.

Stores that violate the ban will be forced to pay a fine of 23,790 UAH.

Context. The Ukrainian Center for Tobacco Control noted that cigarette sales fell by 64% between 2008 and 2019.

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