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The Minister of Economy identified the disguised employment volume: at least 10 million people

The ratio of formal employed Ukrainians to non-working Ukrainians reaches 1:2. At least 10 million Ukrainians get untaxed income.

This was stated by the First Deputy Prime Minister—Minister of Economy Oleksiy Lyubchenko during the forum Ukraine 30. Labor Forces.

"The state should start a social dialogue. We need to honestly look at the problem. One person cannot do the work of two employees," he said.

Ukraine pays pensions in the temporarily occupied territories without receiving social contributions from there to cover these costs. It also bears full obligations for unemployment there. "Only these two amounts together exceed 2 billion euros," Lyubchenko said.

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister, in 2020, about 86,000 Ukrainians were employed abroad through the mediation of official licensees, and according to experts, 2—3 million Ukrainians are working steadily abroad.

To reduce labor migration, the government is intensifying its employment policy. "We have set a goal—to increase employment by 10%," Lyubchenko reported.

"We must be honest, identify problems and build a new economy on the basis of social dialogue citizen—business—state. We are also changing the approaches to the work of employment services. We will create a modern service for the selection and training of personnel for employers and vocational training for the unemployed in accordance with the market requirements," he added.

Lyubchenko also mentioned the shadow economy. Last year, almost 11 million people did not get any income, and the shadow payroll budget is estimated at about 500 billion UAH.

Context. In April, it was reported that the Ministry of Labor of the Federal Republic of Germany was negotiating the employment of Ukrainian citizens for seasonal work in the German agricultural industry.

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