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American processors were found in the kamikaze drones handed over to the Russian Federation by Iran for the war in Ukraine

American-made processors were found in Iranian kamikaze drones, which the Russian Federation has recently been actively using in the war against Ukraine. This was reported by the Department of Strategic Communications of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

According to the published information, processors made by Texas Instruments were found in Iranian Shahed-131 drones. These drones are an earlier version of the Shahed-136. Both versions of drones have the same principle of operation and probably identical components, primarily electronics.

According to documents released by the AFU, the flight control unit (FCU) contained five custom-made printed circuit boards (PCBs) containing TMS320 F28335 processors. The manufacturer, Texas Instruments Incorporated, specializes in defense electronics. Experts note that the processors found in the kamikaze drones are quite easy to purchase on the market.

The engine control unit (ECU) also reportedly had one circuit board with a Texas Instruments processor. This module, as specialists emphasize, controls all engine parameters during flight.

Context. In the last few days, the Russian Federation has been actively attacking coastal cities, in particular Odesa and Mykolaiv, with Iranian kamikaze drones.

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