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All 27 EU countries to back granting candidate status to Ukraine — media

The leaders of the European Union countries intend to announce at the summit on June 23-24 the granting Ukraine the status of a candidate to join the union. Bloomberg reports this, citing sources. This decision was agreed upon by the ambassadors of the EU countries at a meeting held yesterday, June 20. The EU will also support granting candidate status to Moldova and Georgia, but subject to the latter meeting a few additional conditions.

According to an EU official, discussions on granting candidate status for Ukraine are "going in the right direction." To obtain this status, the Ukrainian authorities will need to fulfill a number of conditions. These include: implementing legislation on a selection procedure for judges of the Constitutional Court and vetting all candidates for judicial councils, strengthening the fight against corruption, ensuring that anti-money laundering legislation is in compliance with European standards, implementing anti-oligarchic legislation, adopting a new law on the media, finalizing reform of the legal framework for national minorities.

"Now is the time to acknowledge that the future of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia lies within the EU," European Council President Charles Michel wrote in a letter inviting the leaders to this week’s summit. "I will invite you to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova."

According to Bloomberg, Hungary asked to grant candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the EU considered this initiative "problematic".

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