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Admission campaign 2022: Shkarlet explains what options are offered

In 2022, in order to enter a university for free tuition, it will be necessary to pass a multi-subject test, and only a motivation letter is needed to be submitted for tuition on a contractual basis. This was stated by Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Shkarlett.

"In the draft, we envisage that for majors with a creativity competition, the application, the result of the creativity competition, and a motivation letter will be taken into account. For other majors for free tuition admission — an application, a national multi-subject test, and a motivation letter. For other majors on a contractual basis — only an application and a motivation letter," he said during a TV broadcast on the evening of March 27.

For admission to military educational institutions, according to the Minister, the current admission rules will remain.

The Minister stressed that the draft of conditions for admission, elaborated by the Ministry of Education, still need to be approved.

Context. Natalia Pipa, the Verkhovna Rada People’s deputy from the Voice (Holos in Ukrainian) faction and Secretary of the Committee on Education, Science and Innovation, said that the multi-subject online test would include Ukrainian, history of Ukraine, and mathematics tasks.

On March 24, the Verkhovna Rada canceled the State Final Certification, Exam Focus Complex Tests, the Common Entrance Examination and the Common Professional Entrance Examination in 2022.

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