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A poker club has been opened in the Kyiv Trade Union Building and tournaments have begun

The first tournaments started at the sports poker club Full House Khreschatyk on March 11.

"Attention! Adhering to the restrictions in force during the adaptive quarantine in Ukraine, all competitions are held in 6-max format, the maximum number of tournament participants is 60 players," the club stated.

The club opened in Kyiv in the Trade Union Building on Khreshchatyk.

Context. On January 28, the project Slidstvo.Info announced that it is planned to open a poker club on a 1000 square meters in the renovated Trade Union Building with signs of an illegal casino.

Then it became known that the Federation of Trade Unions had leased the basement. According to the state register of real estate, the lease is concluded for 10 years, and the area is planned to be used for the work of a sports poker club.

At that time the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko reacted to this information, saying that "there is no place for sports poker." He promised to prevent the opening, adding that the Ministry sent a request to the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine to thoroughly look into the situation.

Tkachenko's indignation was due to the fact that during the Revolution of Dignity, the Maidan headquarters had been in the Trade Union Building. People had died there in the fire.


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