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Korban lists Oblasts that urgently need to build a deep defense and mine borders with Russia

Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv Oblasts should now start reinforcing their borders with the Russian Federation. This was stated by Henadyi Korban, chief of staff of the Dnipro Territorial Defense Forces.

Quote"Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv — it is urgent to build a defense in depth! Mine the northern borders!" he wrote on Facebook.

In a commentary to the Strana outlet, he explained his concerns. In his opinion, when the Ukrainian army launches a counterattack on the southern regions of Ukraine, the Russian invaders "may respond with "dagger strikes from the north." Korban also stressed that the full responsibility for the preparation of the northern border lies with the local authorities. He added that officials "for some reason do not do their direct duties."

Quote"No one tells me where to dig trenches and what exactly needs to be done in order to fortify positions, but we do all this. So why the hell are the governors of the northern regions doing nothing to build border-lines and fortification? They make bridges, sprinkle roads, but it is necessary to dig defense constructions. There'll be time for bridges. All this is important, but the war has not gone away. It is necessary to make professional border lines agreed with the general staff. We need to occupy heights and adjust fire," he said.

Context. Prior to this, the Russian outlet Meduza, citing Roman Starovoit, head of the region, reported that Russia was concentrating additional troops in the Kursk region, to the border with Sumy Oblast of Ukraine.

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