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93% of Ukrainians believe in victory, while 89% oppose a truce with Russia—opinion poll

The vast majority of Ukrainians (93%) believe that Ukraine will be able to repel the attack of the Russian Federation. Confidence in victory dominates in all regions of the country. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the sociological group Rating on March 18.

There are practically no those who do not believe in victory at all. 17% found it difficult to answer this question.

Direct negotiations between President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Putin to end the war are supported by 74% of respondents, a quarter of respondents do not support them.

The signing of a truce with the Russian Federation without the withdrawal of its troops from the territory of Ukraine, according to 89% of respondents, is unacceptable.

The most friendly countries to Ukraine now are Poland, Lithuania, Great Britain, and the USA. The Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Turkey, France, and Slovenia are considered friendly.

At the same time, the Russian Federation (98%) and Belarus (84%) are hostile countries for Ukrainians. Attitude towards them deteriorated significantly after the start of the war. The attitude towards China has also deteriorated somewhat.

Support for creating a military-political alliance of Ukraine, Poland, and Great Britain has grown from 61% (in January of this year) to 85% among the citizens of Ukraine. Support for such an alliance is higher than support for integration with NATO (72%).


In the course of the study, 1,000 respondents aged 18 years and older were interviewed using the CATI method (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) in all regions, except for temporarily occupied ones. The representativeness error of the study with a confidence probability of 0.95: slightly more than 3.1%.

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