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Forbes’s 30 Under 30 list: Who are nominated as most promising young entrepreneurs of Ukraine

The Ukrainian outlet Forbes has decided on a list of the country's most successful young entrepreneurs in 2021. IT specialists prevail in the rating of this year. The list also includes athletes, change agents, promising businessmen, and startup founders.

The 2021 list includes:

  • Anna Believantseva—27-year-old Chief Operating Officer at Esper Bionics (the startup is engaged in creating robotic arm prostheses);
  • Maria Gavrilyuk—28-year-old Founder of the Gunia Project (the company produces ceramics and fashion accessories inspired by folklore and naive art);
  • Valeria Guzema—30-year-old Founder of Guzema Fine Jewelry (jewelry brand);
  • Glib Yemets—29-year-old mini-invasive cardiac surgeon (for the first time in Ukraine, he performed a surgery to replace the aortic valve by the transcatheter method—without opening the chest and cardiac arrest);
  • Maksym Krypak—26-year-old Paralympian swimmer (the most titled athlete of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo);
  • Nadiia Kushnir—28-year-old illustrator (created the character Goose);
  • Evgenija Lopata—27-year-old director of the International Poetry Festival Meridian Czernowitz (it is attended by 12,000 unique guests);
  • Liudmyla Luzan—24-year-old athlete, is engaged in rowing (she won 13 medals at major international competitions, including silver and bronze at the Tokyo Olympics);
  • Vladyslav Malashchenko—25-year-old founder of Good Bread (most of the 26 employees of his bakery have mental disabilities);
  • Andrii Markevych—30-year-old Chief Operating Officer at Atlas Weekend (one of the largest music festivals in Eastern Europe);
  • Roman Melkumov (25 years old) and Stepan Ziniakov (28 years old)—organizers of the fruit and vegetable delivery service OVO;
  • Alyona Mysko—29-year-old founder and CEO of Fuelfinance (a startup for financial management);
  • Yurii Monastyrshyn—29-year-old co-founder of Looksery (an app that retouches the face, applies makeup and changes eye color), Snap's Senior Director of Engineering;
  • Anastasiia Pavlyshyna (25 years old) and Roman Sevastyanov (26 years old)—co-founders of Awesomic (a platform for instant search and selection of designers);
  • Andrew Ostapchuk—30-year-old founder of Young Business Club (a community of young entrepreneurs);
  • Volodymyr Olyanitsky—28-year-old founder of Eurotrips, Deinde, Choice,
  • Oleh Psiuk—27-year-old frontman of the band Kalush;
  • Anastasia Pustovit—27-year-old film actress (stars in TV series and is engaged in theatrical performances);
  • Illia Reinish—30-year-old co-owner and Head of Sales and Business Development at Laba (an international online school);
  • Anatoliy Rogalskiy—29-year-old Chief Marketing Officer of monobank;
  • Mykhailo Romanchuk—25-year-old swimmer (at his first Olympics in Tokyo he won two medals—silver and bronze; this is the first Ukrainian swimmer in 17 years to take two Olympic medals during the same Games);
  • Maksym Serdiuk—26-year-old founder of the online media Slukh (the media writes about contemporary music and the people who create it, releases YouTube shows and documentaries);
  • Christina Sivolap—29-year-old film director (author of the short comedy Maybe Not Today);
  • Andrew Skrypnyk—28-year-old CEO at the educational program Words Booster (Genesis systems);
  • Anzhelika Terliuga—29-year-old karateka (won silver at the Tokyo Olympics);
  • Ostap Ukrainets—27-year-old writer and translator (develops the educational channel Your Underground Humanities and the publishing house of the same name);
  • Maksym Skubenko129-year-old head of VoxCheck (a fact-checking project);
  • Anton Chornyi—29-year-old CEO at GoIT (programming school);
  • Sofia Shvets—co-founder and CEO at Let's Enhance (Let's Enhance neural networks help to automatically improve photos in online stores);
  • Ihor Furmanenko—29-year-old founder and CEO at JustSchool (English language school).

Context. This is the second list 30 Under 30 by the Ukrainian magazine Forbes. Its drafters note that "it was even more difficult" for the current participants "to make the grade than their predecessors: their successes fell on the time of the pandemic."

There are 8 Ukrainians in the Forbes European list 30 Under 30 this year, most of them represent the technology industry. The list includes the founders of the service Flawless App Liza Dziuba and Ahmed Suleiman; authors of the app Reface Yaroslav Boyko, Denys Dmytrenko, and Roman Mogylnyi; the creator of the project Fast Fedir Serdiuk and others.

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