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28% more Ukrainians died in May than a year ago

The number of deaths in Ukraine in May 2021 amounted to 57,290, and that is 28.2% more than in May 2020, the State Statistics Service reported.

In general, since the beginning of the year, 299,960 people have died in Ukraine, and that is 25% more than last year.

According to the State Statistics Service:

  • in August 2020, the number of deaths increased by 3.9% compared to the same month a year earlier;
  • in September—by 15.4%;
  • in October—by 17.5%;
  • in November—35%;
  • in December—by 42.9%;
  • in January 2021—by 7.7%;
  • in February—by 9%;
  • in March—by 34.4%;
  • in April—by 48.5%.

The number of newborns in Ukraine in May decreased by 12.8% in annual terms—to 20,600, and in general over five months it decreased by 5.5%—to 109,630.

The population of Ukraine as of June 1 was 41.41 million people, and that is 377,600 or 0.9% less than a year earlier.

Additionally. The reason for the rapid population decline in Ukraine is the low birth rate and short life expectancy. This was told by Lidiia Tkachenko, a leading research associate at the Ptoukha Institute of Demography and Social Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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