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The robotization level in 2050: What professions will "retire"

Photo: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Photo: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Robotization is gradually taking away more and more professions from people

According to research by the McKinsey Global Institute, 375 million jobs could disappear by 2030. At the same time, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts the loss of 75 million jobs by the end of 2022. The reason for this trend lies in the development of technology and innovation.

This year, artificial intelligence wrote the drama When a Robot Writes a Play that tackles the themes of love, loneliness, productivity, and sex. And although, according to The Guardian, the themes voiced in the play are rather unemotional and lack the depth in the plot, and the dialogues sometimes sound absurd and awkward, the very fact of creating a dramatic work by a computer program makes one wonder:

Quote"Where will the growth of the robotization level lead humanity in the future?"

The Page has found out what 10 professions will become irrelevant over the next 10 to 30 years.

Why some professions are doomed to disappear

The process of some types of activity disappearing is not new for humanity, moreover, it is quite logical and consistent. For example, chimney sweeps, shoe shiners, telephone operators and others went into oblivion. The reason for this is the human aspiration to make their life and existence as easy as possible, and as a result, globalization took place, the automation of routine work, the emergence and development of new technologies. In addition, global crises and pandemics, as we have already seen, leave their mark on the labor market. As a result, employers are reconsidering their requirements for specialists and their skills.

The research "Development of Corporate Social Responsibility" on the platform Career Hub has shown that in the future, those professions that can be algorithmized or replaced by machine analytics will completely change. In addition, they must be massive enough to make the investment in developing the algorithm economically viable. Those activities that pose a threat to human life and health are likely to disappear as well.

What professions will soon "retire"

  • Accountant and economist

Already, with the help of special software, the beginners can quickly cope with basic audit and accounting operations. In the future, computer programs will be able to completely replace humans.

  • Travel agent

More and more people prefer individual tourism. In addition, you can already think over a vacation plan yourself: you just need to find a few hours to search for interesting places and convenient routes. Subsequently, travel agents will remain only in the elite segment, where it will be especially appreciated that a person, and not a program, works with a client individually.

  • Librarian

Most of the libraries and archives have already been digitized, and access to them is provided round-the-clock from anywhere in the world. That is why the professions of librarian and archivist in their present form are doomed to disappear.

  • Journalist

Journalists will also have to adapt to the new conditions. Bloomberg agency was one of the first among the media to use artificial intelligence: part of the news for the outlet is written by robots. In addition, with the development of social networks, the role of media in disseminating news is also undergoing changes. Therefore, soon the main income of a journalist will be literary journalism, built on the author's original view and approach, that will be close to fiction or cinema.

  • Copywriter

Bots connected to huge databases with texts, articles, manifestos, literary works, etc., can now generate average quality texts on any topic using standard syntactic constructs. In the future, their capabilities will improve, and the copywriters’ manual work will become unnecessary.

  • Legal adviser

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ sections on legal portals, documents are easy to find in database archives or in special subject matter applications. Even online legal advice is becoming less necessary, so the demand for such specialists is decreasing sharply.

  • Call center operator

Simple programs can already answer massive user questions. The development of technology will lead to the replacement of a person with an intellectual program that generates answers to any question on a subject specified in databases.

  • Stunt double

Using CGI technology is sometimes easier and cheaper than inviting expensive professional stunt doubles. Therefore, the film industry will soon completely abandon their services, preferring computer graphics.

  • Tour guide

Standard tours and excursions will be replaced by individual programs, and tour guides will be replaced by virtual guides. Travel programs will become more individual, and the theme can be selected for a specific user.

  • Courier

Unmanned technology, in particular courier drones, will deliver orders to customers much faster than humans. In addition, drones are more environmentally friendly than usual transport, as they run on electricity and do less harm to the environment.


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