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How Johnson's resignation will influence the support for Ukraine by the UK

Olexiy Haran
Professor of political science at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Will the level of the UK's support for Ukraine in the fight against Russian military aggression after Boris Johnson's resignation?

In politics, there are objective and subjective factors. The objective ones are that the UK has always been our ally and consistently advocated Ukraine's accession to NATO as well as to the EU, when the UK was still a member of the European Union.

Support for Ukraine has been rooted in British politics despite changing governments, and this position has remained quite consistent for a decade, and even several decades.

At the same time, talking about parties, there might be some difference because the Conservatives are more consistent in their steps than Labor.

And when we talk specifically about the resignation of Boris Johnson, there's also a subjective factor in it.

Johnson doesn't only support Ukraine in all aspects, but also demonstrates it on a symbolic level, such as his visits to Kyiv, and on the level of military support, like, for instance, the lagre-scale training program for Ukrainian military in the UK he announced recently.

The resignation of the PM will imply no drastic changes with regard to relations with Ukraine. The UK will further support Ukraine, but subjectively, there may be some impact from the replacement of the PM.

The politics of the new Prime Minister quite possibly might be less active, energetic, and prone to harsh statements as compared to that of Johnson. But the basic things in their support for Ukraine won't change.

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