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Business Aquarium: Justice Ministry becomes key battleground in Ukraine's new Cabinet

Oleg Gavrysh
Deputy Chief Editor, The Page

As usual, on Tuesdays, I want to inform you of unofficial news and versions that relate to famous and hidden events in the Ukrainian corporate world, in the business environment, in our aquarium. Here everyone knows everything about everyone, sometimes more than we would like.

In the near future, ministers will undertake large-scale purges and will make serious changes in their agencies. One of the first ministries awaiting change is Ukraine's Justice Ministry.

According to a well-placed source, Justice Minister Denys Maliuska, intends to literally regain control of his ministry.

Quote"After Maliuska came to the ministry, it turned out that all the processes in it were controlled by Andriy Dovbenko, who headed the so-called shadow office at the ministry. The heyday of raiding, which has taken place in recent years, the "black registrars" are most often associated with this individual. Maliuska delivered a tough ultimatum and intends to put an end to dual power in the near future. The rules of the game on the market for the next five years depend on who emerges victorious in this conflict," the source said.

An interlocutor from the Servant of the People Party, however, said that it would be extremely difficult for the new minister to have his way.

"Dovbenko is the very lawyer who recently married Hanna Ohrenchuk, managing partner of the LCF law firm. The wedding was in Saint-Tropez. Head of the President's Office Andriy Bohdan attended."

According to the source, Ohrenchuk was included by Bohdan's office in a presidential legal reform commission at the last minute. She was not included in the initial list of commission members. The list disappeared from the site of the President's Office, but re-appeared with her name.

QuoteMaliuska intends to submit a resolution to the Cabinet of Ministers tomorrow, which will amend the Anti-Raiding Commission of Justice Ministry. In the near future, authoritative international lawyers and experts, those who have faced cases of raiding in the markets of developing countries and protected participants in conflicts, will be appointed.

During the year, Maliuska plans to seriously change the software that provides for the re-registration of property. If a transaction is dangerous (performed at night, or if ten transactions are made in a row, with the asset changing one owner after another), then it will be stopped. To complete the transactions in the future, a digital signature of the owner of the property will be required, and changes in the status of the property will be immediately reported to him or her. In addition, the anti-raiding commission will rewind any dubious transactions. Stealing an asset will become extremely difficult. The new justice minister promises to close within the next month of the schemes that allowed raider seizures of enterprises,

Maliuska will have to solve a number of problems. In particular, he will have to determine how the new rules can ensure the normal operation of banks with assets alienated in their favor.

Changes in judicial practice are also expected, including the creation of a new commercial arbitration court, upon whose rulings everyone will be able to legally rely. This arbitration will be staffed by judges from the UK and the Scandinavian countries, who will conduct an honest and impartial hearings. It would be impossible in principle to bribe such judges. Legislation will be amended by which decisions of such a court will be the only competent and binding ones

Key changes should begin to take place in the legal sphere. The confidence of business in what emerges depends on how successfully the reforms are made.

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