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Business aquarium: dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Health and the cryptocurrency market

Oleg Gavrysh
Deputy Chief Editor, The Page

As usual, I want to inform you of unofficial news and versions that relate to well-known and hidden events in the Ukrainian corporate world, in the business environment, in our aquarium. Here everyone knows everything about everyone, sometimes more than desired.

As a source in the Servant of the People faction told The Page, the main subject of the deputies’ discussion today is inadequate quarantine measures introduced by the Cabinet.

Quote"The deputies are all angry with the government that imposed quarantine so ineptly. Nobody understands why it was necessary to prohibit the sale of light bulbs, tights, water filters," said the interlocutor in the faction.

According to him, the head of the Ministry of Health Maksym Stepanov and the Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Liashko are considered guilty.

Quote"Immediately after the Rada starts working, most likely, the question of their resignation will be considered," the source said.

According to a source in the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the draft law on cryptocurrency mining adopted in the first reading will be voted by the Verkhovna Rada by the end of February.

"In 2017-2018, when there was a crypto boom, Ukraine was in the top 10 countries in terms of mining. Now, with the crypto assets market recovery, interest in legalizing them in Ukraine has also recovered. The law will be adopted in the near future," the publication’s source said.

However, a source in the Servant of the People faction clarified that with the crypt legalization, the market for the gray incomes legalization will greatly revive.

Quote"It is not a problem for the exchange to create an artificial trading history and "draw" 500% of profit or loss per day. Financial monitoring together with the tax office now only very fragmentarily cut off such misuses in the government bonds market. And in the crypt, they definitely will not cope," explained the publication’s source.

According to him, the deputies intend to raise this issue during the draft law discussion.

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