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Gas, pensions, travel by metro and by car: top 10 changes in the life of Ukrainians from April 1

What will change from April 1: gas, pension, and travel by metro. Photo: UNIAN

What will change from April 1: gas, pension, and travel by metro. Photo: UNIAN

From April 1, Ukrainians will face changes in many areas of life. These will relate to gas tariffs, retirement, the introduction of air ambulance, and the launch of an updated healthcare guarantee program.

Also, some rules for motorists will be changed, and the rules of travel in the metro will be updated. The Page has been figuring out what to expect in April.


Launch of the Healthcare Guarantee Program-2021

From April 1, Ukraine will launch a new program of healthcare guarantees that provides 35 packages of medical services. Such guarantees will allow the state to cover the costs of hospitals for the patients’ treatment.

Among them, there is a package of services for tuberculosis treatment. Prenatal care on an outpatient basis and dental care for adults and children are separated into different packages.

In addition, the new packages include the treatment of patients with hematological and oncohematological diseases. Also from April, the NHSU (the National Health Service of Ukraine) plans to introduce the coronavirus vaccination package.

For some medical institutions providing priority services, the NHSU will impose increased requirements and pay them at a higher tariff: for example, the hospital will receive up to 135,000 UAH for providing care for newborns weighing up to 1,500 g, and the tariff for childbirth will increase from 8,000 to 10,000 UAH.

The tariff for the treatment of acute cerebral stroke and acute myocardial infarction will depend on the assistance provided:

  • carrying out therapeutic endovascular interventions—99,000 UAH;
  • using thrombolytic therapy—42,000 UAH;
  • stenting—32,000 UAH.

In addition, the list of drugs will be expanded to reimburse their cost. Among them, there are drugs for the primary and secondary prevention of heart attacks and strokes, insulins will be added from July, and from October—drugs for the treatment of mental and behavioral disorders, in particular epilepsy. It is planned that prescriptions for them will be issued in electronic form.


Introduction of electronic registration from April 1

From April 1, Ukrainians will also be able to change their place of registration online. To do this, a person needs to submit an application on the portal Diia.

If the application on the site was filled in by the owner of the property, then confirmation of the change in the place of registration will be received automatically. In other cases, the owner will receive a link. Using this link, owners can confirm their consent to registration.

At first, the online registration change will be available only for residents of large cities and for those citizens who have changed their regular paper passport to an ID card, as well as for minors aged 14 to 18 at the address of the place where their parents or one of them are residing.

In addition, from April 1, information on registration of a place of residence or deregistration of individuals will be submitted to the State Migration Service and the Unified State Demographic Register in the electronic form.


Air ambulance starts working

In Lviv, Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil, and Chernivtsi regions, an aeromedical evacuation system will start operating. Subsequently, the air ambulance will start working in other regions. The flights will be operated by two Airbus H-145 helicopters based in Lviv and Kyiv.

Aeromedical evacuation will be used primarily for heart transplants.

Air crews will also fly to people with acute circulatory arrest, acute disorders of the cardiovascular system, acute cerebrovascular disorders, second and third degree burns of more than 20% of the body surface, electric shock burns or burns of the upper respiratory tract.

In addition, assistance will extend to spinal injuries, traumatic amputation of limbs, significant fractures, traumatic brain injuries, etc.

The air ambulance will also be able to help in case of natural disasters and if patients are injured as a result of drowning, falling from a height, road traffic accidents, avalanches, and landslides.


Changes for pensioners from April 1, 2021

Recalculation of pensions for working pensioners

From April 1, a recalculation of pensions for working pensioners will be carried out. However, this will not apply to those citizens whose pensions have already been recalculated, or if they became pensioners in the period from April 2019 to April 2021. Payments to these pensioners will be indexed no earlier than April 2022.

Pensions are recalculated automatically. However, if a pensioner retired due to seniority, and then worked for another 10 years in another profession, after recalculation, the payment by age may turn out to be more than for the seniority. Therefore, it is worth contacting the Pension Fund.

If a pensioner continues to work, then their pension will be indexed taking into account the job tenure acquired after retirement.

Raising the retirement age for women and new requirements for the pension insurance record

From April 1, 2021, women will face changes. Thus, the retirement age for them will increase to 60 years. Ukrainian women born in the period from October 1, 1960 to March 31, 1961 will be able to retire at 59 years and 6 months.

But women who were born after April 1, 1961 will be able to receive an age pension only after they reach 60 years of age.

In addition, to retire, Ukrainians will now need to have 28 years of job tenure. The requirements for the job tenure will be tightened annually until 2028—then the job tenure duration will be 35 years.


Gas tariffs from April 1, 2021

С 1 апреля прекращает действие правительственное регулирование цен на газ. Теперь компании смогут повышать цену на газ для населения. Также с апреля газоснабжающие компании смогут устанавливать годовой тариф.

В то же время можно будет выбирать между месячным и годовым тарифами. Правительство разрешило это делать в любой момент.

From April 1, the government regulation of gas prices ceases to operate. Now companies will be able to raise the gas price for the population. Also, from April, gas supply companies will be able to set an annual tariff.

At the same time, it will be possible to choose between monthly and annual tariffs. The government has allowed this to be done at any time.

April gas tariffs from different companies

  • Megawatt Energy Service Company—6.7 UAH;
  • ERU to People—6.75 UAH;
  • ERU Trading—6.75 UAH;
  • Agrosintez Trading—6.75 UAH;
  • Promservice—6.85 UAH;
  • Galnaftogaz—6.86 UAH;
  • Naftogaz of Ukraine—6.86 UAH;
  • Evoda Trade PU Lutskvodokanal—6.88 UAH;
  • Gazprompostach—6.90 UAH;
  • Kremenchukgaz-Trading—6.90 UAH;
  • Free Energy Company Palyvenergo—6.95;
  • Volynelektrozbut—6.97 UAH;
  • Zakarpattia Energosbut—6.97 UAH;
  • Energy Trade Group—6.98 UAH;
  • Kyivoblgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Ivano-Frankivskgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Kharkivgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Volyngaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Vynnytsiagaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Rivnegaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Khmelnitskgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Chernivtsygaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Chernihivgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Dnipropetrovskgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Zhytomyrgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Mykolaivgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Zaporizhgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Glasomerts—6.99 UAH;
  • TAS Energy—6.99 UAH;
  • Zakarpatgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Strinaftogaz—6.99 UAH;
  • Je Energia — UAH 6.99;
  • MON—6.99 UAH;
  • Lvivgaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Sumygaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Cherkasygaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Poltavagaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Prykarpatenergotrade—6.99 UAH;
  • Askania Energy—6.99 UAH;
  • Umangaz Sbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Smart Gas Systems—6.99 UAH
  • Odesagaz Postachannia—6.99 UAH;
  • Lubnygaz—6.99 UAH;
  • Kyivgazenergy—6.99 UAH;
  • Lvivenergozbut—6.99 UAH;
  • Korostyshevgaz—6.99 UAH;
  • Gas supply company Helios—6.99 UAH;
  • GAZ AP—7.60 UAH;
  • Donetsk Energy Services (YASNO)—7.89 UAH;
  • Dnipro Energy Services (YASNO)—7.89 UAH;
  • Kyiv Energy Services (YASNO)—7.89 UAH;
  • Naftogaz Postachannia—7.92 UAH;
  • Zhytomyr Regional Power Supply Company—7.98 UAH;
  • Gazpostachservis—7.99 UAH;
  • Ternopiloblgaz —7.99 UAH;
  • Ternopilmiskgaz—7.99 UAH;
  • Luganskgaz Sbut—7.99 UAH;
  • Rivne Regional Power Supply Company—8.04 UAH;
  • Shepetivkagaz—8.17 UAH;
  • Margaz—8.25 UAH;
  • Kirovohrad Regional Power Supply Company—8.27 UAH;
  • Chernivtsi Regional Power Supply Company—8.30 UAH;
  • Kherson Regional Power Supply Company—8.30 UAH;
  • Azovgaz—8.85 UAH.

The ban on fishing during spawning from April 1

From April 1, the State Fisheries Agency of Ukraine introduces a temporary ban on fishing in water bodies.

In particular, it is prohibited:

  • using boats in spawning grounds;]
  • industrial fishing;
  • spearfishing;
  • sport fishing competitions;
  • dredging, blasting operations;
  • extraction of building materials.

However, the prohibition does not apply to recreational fishing up to 3 kilograms per person with one rod with one hook and spinning from the shore only in places permitted for fishing.


Changes in the rules of travel by metro from April 1

From April 1, 2021, the green cards of the Kyiv Metro will expire. In addition, service centers will stop working.

From now on, fare can be paid using a Kyiv Smart Card, a contactless bank card of any payment system, mobile applications (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Kyiv Smart Card) or a ticket with a QR code.

In addition, the Kyiv authorities have decided to introduce a tight lockdown. From 5 to 16 April, the metro will carry passengers only with special passes. They will be available to doctors and employees of strategically important enterprises.


Cyprus opens borders for Ukrainians from April 1

From April 1, Cyprus opens its borders for Ukrainians. Those tourists who have been tested for coronavirus and the result turned out to be negative will be able to enjoy their vacation without being quarantined.

At the same time, children under 12 years old are exempted from testing, but children from 12 to 18 years old will have to provide test results for coronavirus.


Changes for motorists from April 1

New rules for those who are applying for driving license

From April 6, Ukrainian drivers will pass the exams for their license under the new rules. In particular, exam tickets will be updated.

Changes will also appear in the online simulator to test the knowledge of traffic rules.

The updated theoretical part of the exam contains a number of new traffic situations that drivers often face. They should help beginners learn how to quickly make the right decisions while driving.

Speed restrictions in Kyiv

The Kyiv authorities have decided to leave the speed restrictions up to 50 km/h on seven streets where it was previously planned to increase the permissible speed to 80 km/h.

The reason is that none of these streets meet the criteria for increasing the speed limit to 80 km/h. These were to be sections of Shukhevych St., Naberezhno-Rybalska St., Naddnipryanske highway, Naberezhne highway, Moscow highway, Saperno-Slobodska St. and Bazhana St.


End of the heating season in Ukraine

The first half of April is the traditional end of the heating season in Ukraine. There are usually no specific dates for this, everything will depend on the air temperature. Heating will be turned off if the air temperature is above 8 degrees Celsius for three days.

At the same time, the authorities of a number of cities have already announced plans to end the heating season.

  • Dnipro—from April 1;
  • Pavlograd—from April 1;
  • Kiev—from April 5;
  • Odesa—from April 5;
  • Mariupol—April 5-10;
  • Lutsk—April 7-8;
  • Kharkiv—from April 15;
  • Kropyvnytskyi—from April 15.