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Second ship with steam coal from the US arrives in Ukraine. There are another five to come

The second ship with 66,000 tons of coal arrived at the Ukrainian port. Photo: USPA

The second ship with 66,000 tons of coal arrived at the Ukrainian port. Photo: USPA

On Sunday, December 5, the second of seven ships contracted by DTEK with coal from the USA and Colombia arrived in Ukraine. The vessel delivered 66,000 tons of coal for the needs of DTEK Energo TPPs, according to the DTEK’s report.

This month, three more shiploads are expected to arrive in the country with coal chartered by DTEK for the needs of its own generation.

Context. To date, DTEK has agreed with international suppliers to supply seven shiploads of coal to Ukraine. Of these, five are from the United States and two from Colombia. The amount of each shipload is from 40,000 to 75,000 tons. The total amount is almost 470,000 tons.

The first ship with steam coal for the needs of the state-owned Centrenergo arrived in Ukraine on November 20. The received 60,500 tons of coal on December 5 were sent to the Vuglegirska, Zmiivskaya, and Trypilska TPPs.

In addition to ship supplies, the company imports coal from Poland. In August, it signed two agreements for the supply of a total of 340,000 tons of thermal coal. Also, in September and October, the company imported coal from Kazakhstan. To date, the total volume of already contracted coal from Poland, the USA, and Kazakhstan amounted to about 0.9 million tons. The company is negotiating additional volumes of imported coal.

Recall that the Russian Federation announced that from November 1 it stopped supplying coal to the territory of Ukraine for the needs of the energy sector.

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