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Fourth record in four years: Agricultural export grows by 25% in Ukraine

Ukraine resumes the record of exports of agricultural products for the fourth year in a row. According to the customs data, at the end of 2021, Ukraine exported agricultural products worth $27.9 billion, exceeding the record figure of $22.4 billion in 2020 by almost 25%, Deputy Director of the Institute of Agrarian Economics Mykola Pugachov reports.

The scientists from the Institute of Agrarian Economics estimate that the increase in exports to Asia, the European Union, and Africa, which last year reached its highest value since Ukraine's independence, was decisive for the export growth. At the same time, the cost of supplies to the CIS also increased.

In 2021, Asia purchased 26% more Ukrainian agricultural products than a year earlier. The scope of supplies of Ukrainian-made agricultural products to the EU member countries and the UK increased by 12% against the record high of $7.5 billion in 2019 and amounted to $8.4 billion last year. At the same time, the EU share in Ukrainian agricultural exports amounted to 30,1%.

The scope of deliveries to African countries in 2021 increased from $2.9 billion in 2020 to $3.7 billion (+28%). This provided the region with a 13.3% share of Ukrainian agricultural exports. The supplies of Ukrainian agro-food to the CIS countries increased by 8% compared to 2020, to $1.4 billion, providing the region with a 5.0% share in Ukrainian agri-food exports.

The list of the main consumers of Ukrainian agricultural products also includes:

  • India ($1954 million);
  • Netherlands ($1,767 million);
  • Egypt ($1601 million);
  • Turkey ($1465 million);
  • Spain ($1171 million);
  • Poland ($1073 million);
  • Germany ($851 million);
  • Indonesia ($761 million);
  • Italy ($748 million).

At the end of 2021, the largest scopes of wheat export in the history of Ukraine were recorded—20,071 thousand tons, poultry meat—459,000 tons, frozen berries and other fruits—76,000 tons, alimentary paste—38,000 tons. The core products of Ukrainian agricultural exports were traditionally grains and oilseeds, various vegetable oils, residues of the food and processing industry, as well as meat and by-products accounting for about 87% of its total worth.

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