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Ministry of Infrastructure: Ukraine exports 30% of the pre-war amount of grain

During the months of war, Ukraine has managed to organize 30% of the monthly agricultural product supply as compared to the pre-war level.

As Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov said at the Ukraine Recovery Conference-2022 in Lugano, 30% is still a lot given the unavailability of maritime routes. He said that Ukraine is now working on new export routes both by road and railway and through Danube ports.

Quote"The government is trying to increase the opportunities to export our products despite our Black Sea ports being blocked. Unfortunately, all these efforts aren’t able to restore the 5-7 mln tons of monthly agricultural product supply that existed before the war. Now we have achieved about 30% of that level," said the minister.

According to him, some Danube ports have tripled exports of products as compared to the time of peace.

The urgent needs for exportation and business are the restoration of bridges on international routes, which will reinforce logistics inside the country and help to export goods.

Quote"We have provisional bridges in place of those that were destroyed, but they are not fit for trucks. Quick restoration of bridges will increase the capacity of trade with our neighboring countries. These solutions aren’t very costly, but they are very urgent," the minister explained.

Kubrakov reminded that the infrastructure was the second target for the Russian aggressor: during the full-scale Russian invasion, 305 bridges were destroyed and almost 25 thousand km of roads were damaged, while 6.5 thousand km of railways were damaged or came under control of the invaders.

Due to logistical problems and destruction of assets, 15 major Ukrainian taxpayers ceased their activities.

Quote"In some regions, up to 10 businesses stopped working because of supply and logistics problems. The total estimated damages to infrastructure amount to over $95 billion. Unfortunately, we still have no access to many territories and don’t know what happened to our infrastructure there," said Kubrakov.

According to the minister, this phase in the history of Ukraine is a survival phase. Therefore the government prioritizes the most pressing needs, such as humanitarian aid and fuel delivery, weapon supply, and increasing Ukraine’s ability to defend its border.

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