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Personal ads and specialized services. Where can one buy and sell land in Ukraine

Services for purchasing and selling land in Ukraine. Photo: unsplash / @ dominikjpw

Services for purchasing and selling land in Ukraine. Photo: unsplash / @ dominikjpw

From July 1, the sale and purchase of agricultural land at market prices became available to Ukrainians. According to experts, buying this kind of real estate can be a good investment.

As of September 14, 15,534 transactions were concluded within the framework of the land market. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, 4,921 notaries gained access to the State Land Cadastre. The Page has figured out where one can buy and sell agricultural land in Ukraine.

Basic terms for purchasing and selling the land

The purchase of the land is available only to individuals—citizens of Ukraine. Legal entities are deprived of this opportunity until 2024. The maximum area of a land plot is limited to 100 hectares.

Since 2010, tenants have a pre-emptive right to purchase a land plot.

In the process of concluding a transaction, the notary is obliged to make enquiry: confirm the buyer’s identity, find out if he does not exceed the limit of land ownership, etc.

Purchases for all transactions with agricultural plots are carried out only in a non-cash form. Documentary confirmation of the funds origin is required.

The main platforms for selling and purchasing land

At the moment, there are several ways to purchase agricultural land in Ukraine, for example, on platforms with advertisements from private sellers and through specialized services.

Among the platforms with the ads OLX, dom.ria.com, 4sg.com.ua and others can be noted. Their advantage is that the plot can be bought directly from the owner, avoiding the commission of intermediaries. The main inconvenience in this case is the lack of sorting and filters: under the guise of agricultural land, building plots are often sold, moreover, there is no information about rental income in the ads.


The opening of the land market gave a start to the development of the specialized services for purchasing and selling, as well as leasing land plots. This refers to KupiPai, Uland, Dobrozem and others. Let's take a closer look at them.

On the Uland service website there are more than 2,400 land sale advertisements in all regions of the country. The announcement page indicates the intended purpose of the land and additional information about its use, leasing, etc. It is worth noting that the resource presents lands for various purposes.


KupiPai is a project of the investment company Concord Capital. According to the official information, the total land bank of the project partners is almost 1 million hectares of agricultural land. The platform provides for selecting plots for investment, concluding an agreement, electronic fund transfer, obtaining land parcel documents, lease agreements with the agricultural holding by mail or in person, etc. There are far fewer ads on the site (228), but the service provides complete information about the plot, including rent and land yield.


Alex Lissitsa, CEO of the agricultural holding IMC, and businessman Dmytro Dubilet announced the development of another service for purchasing agricultural land called Dobrozem. Dobrozem's website is not working yet, but, according to the founders, it is already possible to submit information about one’s land plot there and get a preliminary estimated value of the land, as well as check the documents for compliance with the current legislation. In the future, the land share owners will be able to post an advertisement on the project website and start receiving offers from potential buyers. The buyers, in turn, will be able to find the land they are interested in using the filter system.


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