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In the run up to the summer, the Ukrainian car market has grown to a record for 8 years

The domestic market for new cars is growing for the third month running, but extremely unevenly—from the usual 7-10%, it jumped by almost half. What are the reasons? The traditional revival of the market on the eve of the holiday season was added by the increase in prices for "pre-owned Americans" due to a sharp increase in demand in their domestic market.

But there have been no changes among the leaders of the Ukrainian market—Toyota, Renault, Kia, and Skoda traditionally play in their own league. The closest to them was Nissan that managed to increase its market share by as much as 158%.


"The high market share of Nissan is due to a complex factor," Volodymyr Ivanov, head of the Communications Department at the Nissan Motor Ukraine press service, comments on the May sales results.—"Firstly, it is the availability of a sufficient number of cars in the dealer network. Secondly, the attractive prices—we have just slightly reduced the prices. Thirdly, it is a loan offer from Nissan Finance that is beneficial for the clients."

But Volkswagen became the record holder of the month. It managed to increase sales by 438% at once.

Traditionally, the C-class crossovers Toyota RAV-4, Renault Duster, and Kia Sportage remain the leaders of the domestic market. In total, since January, 39,734 new passenger cars have been registered in Ukraine, and that is 34% more than last year.


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