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Ukraine proposed to ban gasoline and diesel cars: what to prepare for

The Ministry of Infrastructure has drafted a bill to phase out the import and registration of vehicles with internal combustion engines. That is, cars assembled in Ukraine will also be banned. The document was published on the relevant website of the Ministry of Infrastructure for the purpose of public discussion. The expected entry into force of the law is January 1, 2027, the goal is to bring the domestic legislative framework to the pan-European one.

"The bill was drafted in order to implement certain provisions of the Association Agreement between Ukraine, on the one hand," the explanatory note of the document reports, "and the European Union, the European Atomic Energy Community, and their Member States, on the other hand, Directive 2009/33/EU of the European Parliament and Council of 23 April 2009 "On the promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles" and is intended to stimulate the use of vehicles equipped with electric engines."

The first step is to ban the registration of used vehicles with diesel engines from 01.01.2027. And from 01.01.2030—of all old and new cars with internal combustion engines.

There are at least four exceptions. Firstly, these are vehicles that are on the balance sheet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations. Secondly, vehicles for farms that do not go on public roads. Thirdly, retro cars, i.e. cars produced before 1981. Fourthly, inherited cars.

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