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Land price: the cost of a hectare near Kyiv has exceeded the price in the EU

As of the beginning of July, 1973 land plots were put up for sale in Ukraine. The largest number of proposals is in the Kyiv region and it is this region that has the highest land prices. Around Kyiv, the price was $4,500 per hectare, the consulting company Uvekon reports.

The company notes that after the opening of the land market on July 1, the average price per hectare fluctuated in the range of $2,000—3,600/ha.

Moreover, such prices near the capital exceeded even the offers in some EU countries:

  • in Romania, land costs $2,500/ha;
  • in Lithuania—$2,200/ha;
  • in Latvia—$1,400/ha.

The most expensive plots are offered in the following regions:

  • Kyivs;
  • Cherkasy;
  • Lviv;
  • Odesa;
  • Zakarpattia.

The cheapest land is in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Oleksandr Paraschiy, Head of Research at Concorde Capital, stated in a comment to UBR that the price of land depends on the following factors:

  • fertility, potential productivity;
  • location;
  • whether it is rented and for how many years.

At the same time, Oleksandr Korobko, business development partner of the Uvekon company, noted that the supply of agricultural land could increase one and a half to two times after the start of the business season.

He noted that under favorable economic conditions and a low impact of the pandemic, the activity on the market could increase by at least 20-25%. In particular, the process of pricing will improve in autumn because with an increase in supply the price of land may decrease.

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