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Barcelona, Tenerife, and Mallorca: how Ukrainians can get to Spain


How to get to Spain: documents, regulations, and airline service. Photo: pixabay

How to get to Spain: documents, regulations, and airline service. Photo: pixabay

From July 1, the European Union introduced a unified vaccination certificate. In addition, Ukraine was included in the "green" list of countries, and after that the EU countries began to open up for Ukrainian tourists.

Before the pandemic, Spanish resorts were quite popular among Ukrainians, so the opening of the borders was good news for those who like to spend their vacation on the Mediterranean coast. The Page has been figuring out how Ukrainians can enter Spain.


How to get to Spain

There are several ways to get to Spain. The fastest way is by plane, flights to Barcelona and Tenerife fly from Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

One can also get to Spain by car, but this way is only for fans of long journeys. However, thanks to such a trip, you can see almost all of Europe.

In addition, one can get from Ukraine to Spain by bus. This option is somewhat cheaper than by plane but it will take at least 36 hours.


Who can enter Spain

All Ukrainians can enter Spain for tourism purposes. The Spanish Embassy of Spain in Ukraine reported on its Facebook page that from July 27, citizens of Ukraine can travel to Spain without the need for vaccination certificates or negative coronavirus test if they fill out the sanitary control form in advance.

However, it is worth monitoring the regulations, as countries usually do this every week. In addition, some airlines require a negative coronavirus test before boarding a plane, so it is still worth getting the test done to avoid problems while traveling.


Documents required to enter Spain

Usually, to cross the border, one needs to have a biometric passport expiring no earlier than 6 months from the moment you cross the border. If there is no such passport, then one needs to obtain a Schengen visa.

For all passengers, including children, arriving in Spain by air or sea transport, including for the purpose of transit to other countries, it is necessary to fill out the sanitary control form on the portal of the Ministry of Health of Spain in advance.

After that, the tourist will get a QR code intended for the representatives of the carrier company before boarding the flight, as well as to the sanitary control services at the checkpoint at the port or airport of arrival in Spain.


Transit through Spain for Ukrainians

All Ukrainians can transit through Spain, however, one must fill out a form in advance. It is similar to the one that is needed for people who travel specifically to Spain.


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