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Between Belarus and Nigeria: Ukraine ranks 121st in cost of living ranking

Bermuda leads the world Cost of Living Ranking 2022. The cost of living there is the most expensive. Ukraine is ranked 121 in it (127 in 2021), between Belarus and Nigeria, according to the research service Numbeo.

The compilers took into account indices of the cost of housing and food, the purchasing power of the citizens, as well as prices in catering establishments, etc. In total, 139 countries were evaluated in the ranking, New York was taken as the starting point (100%).

The top five included: Bermuda, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Barbados.


Ukraine's indices for 2022 are as follows:

  • cost of living—30.71 (compared to 29.21 in 2021),
  • housing rent—10.57 (8.74),
  • cost of living + rent—21.27 (19.43),
  • groceries—23.3 (24.34),
  • restaurant price index—25.75 (23.72),
  • purchasing power—32.22 (30.1).

The outsiders of the rating are Pakistan (ranked 139th—19.32), Afghanistan (138th—20.37), and India (137th—24.43).

Context. Ukraine ranked 80th in the World Citizenship Report Global Rankings.

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