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Ukraine ranks 80th in world citizenship global ranking

Ukraine ranked 80th in the World Citizenship Report Global Rankings. This is stated in the data of the consulting company CS Global Partners.

The rating is based on interviews and focus groups with residents of different countries and experts in the field of citizenship, as well as surveys of more than 500 wealthy investors (HNWI). All countries were assessed according to five criteria—"security", "economic opportunities", "quality of life", "global mobility", and "financial freedom".

Ukraine has the best result in the category "global mobility"—it ranks 49th there. Next come "quality of life" (65th), "economic opportunity" (71st), and "financial freedom" (85th). The worst result is in the category "security"—135th.

The top three best citizenships include Switzerland, Denmark, and Finland.

Among Ukrainian neighbors, Poland has the best positions (29th). Slovakia (37th), Hungary (41st), and Romania (44th) also overtook Ukraine in the ranking. Russia (82nd), Belarus (88th), and Moldova (86th) are ranked lower than Ukraine.

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