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New aid, conflict with Budapest and the default in Russia: Highlights on war in Ukraine on April 6

Photo: t.me/V_Zelenskiy_official

Photo: t.me/V_Zelenskiy_official

The 42nd day of the war against the Russian occupiers continues in Ukraine.

The Page collected news for Wednesday in business, politics and economics, which will help to learn more about the situation in a country that has been fighting for its right to exist for more than a month.

The main events of April 6 were:

  • Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said he had approved the immediate provision of up to $ 100 million in security assistance to Ukraine to meet Ukraine's urgent need for additional anti-tank systems.
  • Authorities are urging residents of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to evacuate immediately. The heads of military administrations are doing everything possible to ensure that the evacuation is organized. Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk also noted that there is no need to wait until the fighting 'comes' to your city. You should leave as soon as possible so as not to come under fire and fall victim to the atrocities of the Russian army.
  • The 'Chesno' movement said that the prosecutor's office is currently investigating more than 2,000 cases of treason. The Office of the Prosecutor General refused to provide the exact number of people suspected of treason and to name them, as information from the pre-trial investigation can only be disclosed with the written permission of the investigator or prosecutor and to the extent they consider possible.
  • Russian MP, leader of the LDPR faction in the Duma of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky died. Russian senators announced on March 25 that Zhirinovsky had died, and then deleted the message. It is important to mention that Zhirinovsky has repeatedly demonstrated his Ukrainophobic position and chauvinistic views.


  • Hungary summoned the Ukrainian ambassador to Budapest, Lyubov Nepop, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because of allegedly insulting statements by Ukrainian leaders against the Hungarian authorities. According to Foreign Minister Peter Siarto, 'statements about the establishment of totalitarian regimes' and the country's 'complicity' in Russia's war against Ukraine are 'unacceptable' for Hungary. He said that Ukraine's leaders were 'insulting' Hungary.
  • Tomorrow, March 7, the UN General Assembly will hold a vote to remove Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. After the massacres in Bucha, such an initiative was taken by Western countries.


  • Russia has for the first time repaid its $ 649.2 million Eurobond liabilities to foreign owners, which could be a prelude to Russia's default in 30 days. The payment was made in rubles due to the refusal of a foreign agent bank to execute an order in foreign currency. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation does not hide that the real reason for the attempt to pay in rubles was the blocking of access to foreign currency accounts. This created 'the preconditions for the Russian financial authorities to make decisions that allow investors to convert foreign currency into rubles from these accounts'.
  • Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko spoke about Ukraine's energy losses from the war. In particular, Luhansk CHP is under occupation, Chernihiv CHP is badly damaged, and Okhtyrka CHP is completely destroyed. Kakhovka HPP and Zaporizhzhya NPP continue to be held by the occupiers at this time. In addition, there are losses in the coal and oil and gas industries.
Quote'The Russian occupiers are now purposefully destroying the oil refining complex. But we have diversified supplies since the first days of hostilities. Therefore, we will meet the need for fuel. We know how to do it, the supply will be. I don't want to speak in any way now', Halushchenko said.
  • Preliminary losses of the GTS Operator of Ukraine amount to more than one hundred million euros due to shelling by the Russians and damage as a result of hostilities.


The Cabinet of Ministers approved the attraction of soft loans by retailers. Loans are provided up to UAH 1 billion for 1 year at 5% per annum.

Quote'This will make it possible to replenish working capital, not close stores and to pay Ukrainian producers for products', said the Prime Minister.


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