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Seven coalitions for Ukraine: The results of the 14th Ramstein Group meeting

The 14th Ramstein Group meeting: what the allies promised Ukraine

The 14th Ramstein Group meeting: what the allies promised Ukraine

The 14th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (Ramstein Group) was held online on July 18. The main issue on the agenda was the provision of ammunition, armored vehicles, and weapons systems that Ukraine urgently needs to liberate the occupied territory, as well as additional air defense systems and the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets. What commitments were made based on the 14th Ramstein meeting?

Countries that will provide weapons for Kyiv after the 14th Ramstein meeting

At the 14th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, the following countries pledged to provide weapons for Kyiv:

The United States

  • Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;
  • Stryker armored fighting vehicles;
  • artillery;
  • counter-air defenses made by L3Harris Technologies;
  • Phoenix Ghost drones;
  • ammunition.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg

  • M113 armored personnel carriers


  • innovative drones for demining (already delivered to Ukraine).

Training on F-16 jets and air defense

According to the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd J. Austin III, Denmark and the Netherlands are preparing and developing a cohesive training plan to help Ukrainian pilots learn to fly fourth-generation aircraft.

The allies were also tasked with looking for more anti-aircraft systems to bolster Ukrainian air defense.

The Group members discussed their ability to expand the manufacturing of ammunition for Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian defense minister Oleksii Reznikov, Ramstein 14 has demonstrated unwavering support for Ukraine.

Other important contributions were the presentation of concrete steps to create an IT coalition by Estonia and Luxembourg and Lithuania’s initiative to create a coalition for clearing Ukraine of landmines.

What coalitions have formed around Ukraine?

The previous, 13th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group turned out to be historic for Kyiv.

Its members promised Ukraine:

  • hundreds of surface-to-air missiles;
  • the launch of a fighter jet coalition;
  • additional weapons for the counteroffensive;
  • new multi-billion pledges from allies for the coming years.

Thus, the following coalitions have been or are being established to support Ukraine in the war as of the end of the 14th Ramstein meeting:

  • the tank coalition;
  • the air defense coalition;
  • the artillery coalition;
  • the MLRS coalition;
  • the fighter jet coalition;
  • the IT coalition;
  • the demining coalition.

What will Kyiv receive as a result of the two latest Ramstein meetings?

As a result of the two latest Ramstein meetings, the 13th and the 14th, Ukraine expects to receive:

  • AIM-7 missiles (Canada);
  • assault rifles (Canada);
  • ammunition (Canada, the U.S.);
  • Senator armored vehicles (Canada);
  • air defense systems (the U.K., Denmark, the U.S., the Netherlands);
  • critical defense capabilities (Italy);
  • artillery (the U.S.);
  • Bradley IFV (the U.S.);
  • Stryker armored fighting vehicles (the U.S.);
  • air defense equipment (the U.S.);
  • Phoenix Ghost drones (the U.S.);
  • M113 armored personnel carriers (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg);
  • innovative drones for demining (Denmark).

The partners gave or pledged to give Ukraine a total of around €165 billion in defense assistance.

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