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Hundreds of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles and thousands of missiles: What weapons the West gave to Ukraine

What weapons Ukraine received from the allies during the full-scale war

What weapons Ukraine received from the allies during the full-scale war

The supply of weapons has been the first priority for Ukrainian diplomacy since the full-scale Russian invasion. This is why obtaining heavy artillery, ATGMs, armored vehicles, tanks, and other weapons that help Ukraine protect itself and counterattack can be considered Kyiv’s major diplomatic achievement.

Ukraine received advanced French CAESAR artillery systems, U.S.-made HIMARS rocket artillery systems, German-made Gepard anti-aircraft guns, and 150 Leopard tanks from nine Western countries. Ukrainian soldiers have also begun training on U.S.-made M1 Abrams battle tanks.

Among advanced weapons, Ukraine was also given Italian Melara Mod howitzers, Finnish KRH 92 heavy 120-mm mortars, Swedish Bofors L70 anti-aircraft guns, and British Spartan armored personnel carriers. Finally, the formation of the fighter jet coalition at the G7 summit in Japan became the pinnacle, when Western allies officially agreed to supply F16 fighter jets to Kyiv. Ukrainian pilots have already begun training to fly them.

Heavy artillery: What the allies have already given Ukraine

The following systems stand out among the heavy artillery Ukraine received from the West:

  • M142 HIMARS (the United States; 20 systems + 18 to be delivered);
  • M270 MLRS (the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Italy, France; 16 systems);
  • Caesar self-propelled howitzers (France, Denmark; 18 systems + 6 to 12 to be delivered);
  • PzH2000 (Germany, the Netherlands, Italy; 28 systems);
  • KRAB self-propelled howitzers (Poland, 72 systems);
  • Zuzana 2 self-propelled howitzers (Slovakia; 8 systems + 16 ordered);
  • M777 light towed howitzers (the United States, Canada, Australia; 152 systems);
  • FH70 howitzers (Italy, Estonia; 24+ systems);
  • AS90 self-propelled howitzers (the United Kingdom; 33 systems);
  • Archer self-propelled howitzers (Sweden; 8 systems to be delivered).
Heavy artillery from Western allies for Ukraine

Heavy artillery from Western allies for Ukraine

What ATGMs and mortars Ukraine received from allies

The following systems stand out among the ATGMs, grenade launchers, and mortars Ukraine received from the West during the full-scale war as well as before the invasion:

  • FGM-148 Javelin (the United States; 5,000 launchers + missiles);
  • NLAW anti-tank guided missiles (the United Kingdom, Luxembourg; 4,000 launchers + missiles);
  • BGM-71 TOW ATGM (the United States; 1,500 missiles);
  • Carl Gustaf anti-tank recoilless rifles (Canada, the United States; 100 launchers + 2,000 rounds);
  • M141 rocket launchers (the United States);
  • RGP 40 40-mm grenade launchers (Poland);
  • Mk 19 automatic grenade launchers (the United States);
  • LMP-2017 light infantry mortar (Poland, 100 systems);
  • Mo-120 RT61 heavy 120-mm mortars (unknown);
  • 120 KRH 92 120-mm mortar (Finland).
ATGMs, grenade launchers, and mortars for Ukraine

ATGMs, grenade launchers, and mortars for Ukraine

Among armored vehicles and tanks, the following have been delivered or are to be delivered:

  • M113 armored personnel carriers (the United States, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Germany, Spain; 300+ vehicles);
  • FV103 Spartan armored personnel carriers (the United Kingdom; 110+ systems, part of them bought by donors and charities);
  • VAB armored personnel carriers (France);
  • AMX-10 armored reconnaissance vehicles, "light tanks" (France; up to 30 vehicles to be delivered);
  • Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (the United States; 109 vehicles to be delivered);
  • Marder infantry fighting vehicles (Germany; 50 vehicles);
  • CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (Sweden; 51 vehicles);
  • M1 Abrams tanks (the United States; 31 systems to be delivered);
  • Leopard tanks (Germany, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden; 150 systems);
  • Challenger 2 tanks (the United Kingdom, 14 systems).
Western tanks and armored vehicles for Ukraine

Western tanks and armored vehicles for Ukraine

Western allies are also ramping up production of ammunition for weapons they have already delivered or plan to deliver to Ukraine, training the Ukrainian military on new equipment, and ensuring its maintenance and repair.

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