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Zelenskyy and Shefir became targets of a new investigation of the TV program Schemes

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Serhiy Shefir

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Serhiy Shefir

In 2014, banks fell en masse in Ukraine. Brokbusinessbank was among them. It was owned by Serhiy Kurchenko, an oligarch from the then President Viktor Yanukovych’s inner circle. Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Serhiy Shefir, who had deposits at this bank, tried to return them, bypassing the procedure established by law. A new investigation of the TV program Schemes states this.

In 2014 Brokbusinessbank was liquidated. At that time, Zelenskyy and Shefir had deposits in this financial institution, according to journalists, amounting to 300,000 and 400,000 USD, respectively. And the Deposit Guarantee Fund at that time (as now) did not return more than 200,000 UAH.

The Schemes discovered that the future President and his First Assistant signed agreements with debtor companies of the troubled bank that were trying to unpledge property worth millions of hryvnias. And in return, Zelenskyy and Shefir could receive compensation. It would be less than the deposit amount, but higher than the one promised by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. However, the Supreme Economic Court ruled that these agreements did not comply with the law, according to the investigation.

The journalists note that in 2014 Zelenskyy and Shefir had not been in the government's employ. But they told this story so that "the society could generate a complete profile of those who now lead the country." According to them, such schemes for siphoning money from the troubled banks led to a decrease in their assets and therefore reduced the chances of other citizens and companies to get their money back.

Additionally. Earlier, The Page reported that Yevhen Metzger, the Head of the Board of the state-owned Ukreximbank, who had become a defendant in the case of the attack on the journalists of the TV program Schemes, had written a letter of voluntary resignation. The bank's Supervisory Board supported his decision.


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