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Continuation of lockdown and mandatory tests: how Ukraine and the world are fighting covid

The strict quarantine in Ukraine will last until January 24. However, the Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Liashko does not exclude the lockdown continuation.

From January 25, stabilization or even a decrease in the number of patients is expected, Liashko said on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

The Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov also advocated the quarantine extension. According to him, there is every reason to continue the lockdown. Primarily because of the New Year holidays that were accompanied by celebrations and travel.

However, he later said that after January 24, Ukraine will return to adaptive quarantine. At the same time, he assured that the restrictions would not be completed ahead of schedule, but at the same time they would not be continued.

Severe restrictions can only be resumed in the case of a supercritical situation.

Coronavirus restrictions in Europe

In the Netherlands, quarantine has been extended until February 9. The reason for this decision has become the spread of the strain from the UK.

In addition, the government is considering imposing a curfew. Schools may also remain closed.

In turn, the UK has introduced mandatory coronavirus tests for foreigners.

Consequently, from 15 January, everyone entering the UK must present a negative PCR test must present a negative PCR test for coronavirus that is no more than 72 hours old. This does not apply to children under 11.

However, tourists from Ukraine, in addition to the test, must go through 10 days of self-isolation, regardless of the results.

At the same time, in Italy, the coronavirus emergency situation regime will be extended until the end of April. This was stated by the Minister Of Health of Italy Roberto Speranza, AGI reports.

Germany stated that in February the quarantine restrictions introduced to combat the coronavirus epidemic can’t be significantly eased. According to to Reuters, this was announced by the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn. And the Portuguese government plans to announce strict restrictions from January 14. They will last at least until January 30. Catering and retail services (with the exception of the food sector) are expected to close, and residents of the country will not be able to leave their homes without probable reason.

Coronavirus restrictions in the USA

The US government is only planning to introduce planning to introduce a mandatory negative test for coronavirus. Such requirements can be introduced as early as January 26.

However, the CDC and other officials are still working on the relevant orders. They are expected to be published on January 13th.

In addition, Canada and the United States closed their common borders until February 21.

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