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Vaccination against coronavirus in Ukraine: who and how many people will be the first to get vaccination

At the first stage of mass vaccination, 367,491 people will be vaccinated against coronavirus. First, people at critical risk of infection and development of coronavirus and those who are fighting it will be vaccinated.

All persons who will be vaccinated in the first place have already been verified by the Ministry. Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov announced this during a briefing.

Who will be vaccinated first:

  • workers of mobile vaccination teams;
  • health-care professionals;
  • doctors;
  • nursing staff;
  • laboratory staff;
  • emergency medical staff;
  • military personnel.

Stepanov also noted that vaccination will take place in February according to the plan.

In addition, the Rada passed a draft law on the registration of vaccines that have not passed all clinical trials. However, the Russian vaccine will not be registered.

Context. Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko noted that they are not going to vaccinate people who have had coronavirus.

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