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A draft law on same-sex partnerships was registered with the Verkhovna Rada

A group of members of parliament registered a draft law on same-sex and different-sex partnerships No. 9103 on March 13. MP Inna Sovsun announced this on Twitter.

According to the explanatory note, a civil partnership is a voluntary family union of two adults of the same or different sex, registered in a specified manner, based on mutual respect, understanding, and support, as well as mutual rights and obligations, correlating with the definition of a family, in accordance with the norms of the Family Code of Ukraine.

QuoteIf adopted, the bill would legalize same-sex relationships for the first time in Ukraine’s history.

Meanwhile, a registered partnership isn’t considered a marriage, and two persons living as a family aren’t considered registered partners unless they register as such. However, after they register their partnership, they become close relatives and immediate family members.

This will help couples define mutual rights and obligations and settle the issues of property, inheritance, social security, and rights in the event that a partner dies or goes missing. The bill doesn’t cover the right to adopt children.

A partnership shall be registered within 10 days of application. Either of the future partners may apply. A partnership is dissolved with a petition for divorce filed by both partners jointly or by one of them.

The authors claim that the draft law will help protect the rights of many service members who cannot formalize their relationships with same-sex partners. This results in the lack of state-offered legal protection in case one of the partners is wounded, killed, or goes missing.

According to the draft law, partnerships can be registered in the absence of one of the partners or outside civil status registration offices (for example, if an applicant is a service member).

The draft law on registered partnerships was authored and submitted to the parliament by MP Inna Sovsun (Holos).

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