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Draft law on registered partnerships for LGBTIQ people submitted to the Verkhovna Rada — M.P. Sovsun


Member of Parliament Inna Sovsun (Holos) submitted a draft law on registered partnerships to the Verkhovna Rada. She reported it on her Twitter account.

"Today, I submitted a draft law on the legalization of same-sex partnerships to the Ukrainian parliament. My colleagues, members of parliament, now have five days to sign it," Sovsun wrote. The member of parliament had been developing the draft law for nine months in cooperation with the NGO "LGBT Military for Equal Rights" and the NGO Fulcrum UA.

Quote"Registered partnerships are a new institution for those unable or unwilling to marry. They can be used by both military service members and civilians, as well as same-sex and different-sex couples. There’s nothing extraordinary. It’s about everything that has always been available to different-sex couples in Ukraine," Inna Sovsun explained.

If adopted by the parliament, the draft law will help couples define their mutual rights and obligations and settle the issues of ownership, inheritance, social security, and rights in case a partner dies or goes missing.

The draft law doesn’t cover the right to adopt children.

Context. In December 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act, a same-sex marriage bill.

After the Ukrainian government had introduced the functionality allowing Ukrainians to apply for marriage via the Diia mobile app, multiple same-sex couples submitted their applications. However, they all were rejected.

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