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In March 2023, Ukraine’s exports through the Grain Corridor rose by 15% to reach 3.8 million tons


The exports of Ukrainian agricultural products through the Grain Corridor in March 2023 rose by 15%, or 500,000 tons, to reach 3.8 million tons (compared to February), says Danylo Hetmantsev, head of the Parliamentary Committee for Tax and Customs Policy.

In particular, Ukraine exported 2.3 million tons of corn and 908,000 tons of wheat.

Exports under the Grain from Ukraine initiative increased by 47% as compared to February to reach 374,000 tons. Vessels with this grain departed from Black Sea ports for Yemen, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Sudan — the countries that were heavily dependent on Ukrainian grain before the big war.

Since last August, during the eight months when the Grain Corridor worked, Ukraine has exported 26.3 million tons of agricultural products by sea, including:

  • corn — 12.9 million tons;
  • wheat — 7.3 million tons.

In March, Russia predictably didn’t stop hampering the passage of Ukrainian vessels through the Bosphorus. According to Hetmantsev, an average of 2.8 Ukrainian vessels per day passed the Turkish straits, although Ukrainian ports can dispatch up to 7 vessels daily.

Context. The prolongation of the Grain Deal between Ukraine, Turkey, the UN, and Russia was negotiated for about a month.

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