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Ukraine is in lockdown: five large cities have already closed. Who's next

The number of recorded coronavirus cases in Ukraine has exceeded 1.5 million. In some regions, the situation with the spread of coronavirus is still critical.

At the same time, the government has allowed the local authorities to make a decision on the introduction of quarantine in cities and regions. A number of regions of Ukraine have already announced the closure of schools and a ban on any public events.

Quarantine in Kyiv

The city authorities have also announced the introduction of a strict quarantine due to the increase in recorded cases of coronavirus. Thus, in the capital, restaurants will not be able to receive guests and will continue to work for takeaway.

Shops and supermarkets will also continue to work. In addition, the authorities are not going to close the transport, however, its occupancy will be limited to half of the seats.

Quarantine in Vinnytsia

After the next update of the quarantine zones in Ukraine, the local authorities of the Vinnytsia region have tightened the quarantine. Any mass events have been banned since March 13, and the work of gyms, fitness centers, and swimming pools and cultural institutions has also been suspended.

In particular, it is prohibited to hold matches with spectators. At the same time, transport and catering establishments have remained.

Quarantine in Kharkiv

The Kharkiv city authorities have also announced the possible introduction of stricter quarantine restrictions. In particular, we are talking about the termination of transport and the closure of schools. The introduction of a lockdown will depend on the epidemic situation.

Quarantine in Lviv

Also, the Lviv authorities decided to introduce a stricter quarantine. Thus, within ten days from March 19, the work of establishments will be limited in the city. Also, all places of public events will be closed, such as theaters, museums and the like.

Students of elementary grades will also go on vacation, and high school students will continue their education remotely.

Quarantine in Mykolaiv

In Mykolaiv, on March 17, schoolchildren switched to distance learning. However, this does not apply to primary school students. And already from March 22, all schoolchildren will go on vacation until April 3. In addition, universities can postpone the beginning of lectures for 10 am.

Now there will be no restrictions on the transport, but if the situation in the city worsens, transport can start working only for the transporting workers of critical infrastructure enterprises.

Quarantine in Zhytomyr

Also, after the previous update of the list of quarantine zones, the Zhytomyr region has gotten into the "red" zone. It will remain there until the number of patients with coronavirus decreases.

In addition, since March 7, Ukrzaliznytsia has suspended the boarding and disembarkation of passengers in the region. However, the urban transport will continue to operate without restrictions.

Back in February, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, and Zakarpattia regions were quarantined.

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