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Media, GitHub, and LiveJournal are back: Ukraine has unblocked more than 400 sites

The Holosiivskyi District Prosecutor's Office closed the case on blocking 426 sites. In addition, the seizure of intellectual property rights arising from users of these sites was lifted.

This decision was made by the Prosecutor on February 25, 2021, Radio Svoboda reports.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, by a decree of February 4, 2021, the investigating judge of the Holosiivskyi District Court seized the intellectual property rights of the sites.

However, the prosecutors were not invited to participate in the consideration of the applicant's request. In addition, the Prosecutor's Office did not appeal against the court's decision.

Context. At the end of February, it became known that citizen Oleksandr Pan turned to the police with a complaint about alleged fraudulent actions committed against him by 426 sites.

After that, Mr. Pan and his lawyers appealed to the Holosiivskyi District Court with a demand to seize hundreds of Internet sites that at various times wrote something about him.

The case distribution system assigned the case to judge Kateryna Plahotniuk, who on February 4 ruled to recognize 426 Internet sites that posted materials about Mr. Pan as an "instrument of crime" and seized them.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that no one was going to block the sites.

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