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The Grain Initiative: more than 21 million tons of food already shipped from Ukraine’s ports

Since the start of the grain deal, 21,043,307 tons of agricultural products have been shipped from Ukraine’s ports, nearly half of them being corn.

These data were published by the UN.

In particular, corn accounted for 47% of the shipments, while 29% were wheat. Sunflower oil and sunflower meal accounted for 5% each, and 14% were other cargo.

Geographically, the shipments were distributed between:

  • China (4.2 million tons);
  • Spain (3.8 million tons);
  • Turkey (2.4 million tons);
  • The Netherlands (1.2 million tons);
  • Egypt (724,700 tons).

According to the UN, four vessels loaded with food departed from Ukrainian ports on February 12.

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