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Ukraine has developed a hydrogen filling station national chain project

Toyota Mirai. Photo: ru.toyota.ee

Toyota Mirai. Photo: ru.toyota.ee

Ukraine has simplified the import of hydrogen cars and has drawn up the mechanism for documenting them. The first hydrogen filling station will appear in the country in 2022.

Oleksandr Riepkin, the President of the Association Ukrainian Hydrogen Council announced this to the outlet Greendeal.

"Having certified the first hydrogen cars in Ukraine, we actually solved the chicken-and-egg problem. Why are hydrogen filling stations not built? Because there are no hydrogen cars. Why are there no cars? Because there are no hydrogen filling stations.

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council’s team solved this almost philosophical problem when, in early September, it had certified the country's first hydrogen car. The foundation for further development of the hydrogen transport infrastructure in Ukraine has been laid," he said.

According to him, the process of the first certification was somewhat complicated, but now the documentary component of the hydrogen car import into Ukraine has been accelerated.

"Now the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council has already drawn up the mechanism for documenting hydrogen cars. Entrepreneurs specializing in the creation of hydrogen infrastructure and building filling stations around the world turn to us at the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council.

They are ready to create filling stations for hydrogen cars in Ukraine. We expect that the first hydrogen filling station will appear in the country next year," Riepkin said.

The Association stated that the Japanese Toyota Mirai that were imported to Ukraine operate on a hydrogen fuel cell producing energy for the electric motor.

"This technical solution makes it possible to completely abandon the internal combustion engine. In addition to CO2, vehicles running on traditional fuels emit into the atmosphere nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide that have an extremely negative impact on human health and the environment.

In contrast to gasoline, hydrogen does not emit any harmful substances and returns to the environment in the form of water and heat," the Association stated.

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