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Rating of Ukrainian banks 2020: top 10 most profitable and unprofitable

In 2020, banks received 29% less net profit—41.3 billion UAH. In 2019, their profit amounted to 58.4 billion UAH.

The most profitable bank turned out to be Privatbank, its net assets grew by 23.2%, or by 72.8 billion UAH, Finbalance reports.

The most profitable banks in 2020

The second in terms of net assets was Ukreximbank, they grew by 52.2 billion UAH (7.2%);

  • Alfa-Bank—25.6 billion UAH (35.6%);
  • Ukrgasbank—23.4 billion UAH (19.6%);
  • PUMB—19.8 billion UAH (35.8%);
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval—19.3 billion UAH (21%);
  • UkrSibbank—19.2 billion UAH (36.1%);
  • Universal Bank—16.1 billion UAH (90.6%);
  • Credit Agricole—15.1 billion UAH (42.7%);
  • OTP Bank—14.1 billion UAH (31.4%).

The most unprofitable banks in 2020

Oschadbank suffered the most loss, its assets decreased by 15.15 billion UAH, or 6.0%.

  • Citibank lost 3.55 billion UAH (11.3%);
  • ING Bank—1.7 billion UAH (12.8%);
  • Idea Bank—311.4 million, (5.8%);
  • Prominvestbank—30 million UAH (0.4%).

At the same time, the volume of net assets did not change in Privatbank (386.9 billion UAH).

  • Oschadbank—235.7 billion UAH;
  • Ukreximbank—192.5 billion UAH;
  • Ukrgasbank—142.7 billion UAH;
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval—111.5 billion UAH;
  • Alfa-Bank—97.5 billion UAH;
  • PUMB—75.3 billion UAH;
  • Ukrsibbank—72.5 billion UAH;
  • OTP Bank—58.97 billion UAH;
  • Credit Agricole—50.4 billion UAH.

Context. Earlier, The Page reported that the debt of commercial banks to the NBU exceeded 100 billion UAH, while the operating banks account for only 66.5 billion UAH.

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