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The upper house of the Swiss parliament voted to allow the re-export of weapons to Ukraine

The Swiss Council of States passed an amendment to the War Materiel Act. This will help unblock the re-export of weapons to Ukraine.

According to the press service of the Swiss parliament, the amendment was backed by 22 versus 17 votes, with four abstentions.

Quote"Under certain conditions, the Council of States wants to enable other countries to pass on war material bought in Switzerland. The Council has adopted a corresponding parliamentary initiative by its Security Policy Commission. A legislative project based on another initiative is already in progress," the legislature announced.

The Council of States suggested that the validity of non-re-export declarations be limited to five years. Another condition is that a country willing to pass on Swiss-made weapons shouldn’t be a party to a conflict, violate human rights, or exercise its right to self-defense.

Notably, the decision on the re-export of weapons still hasn’t been adopted, as the lower house of the Swiss parliament hasn’t voted for it.

Earlier, it was reported that the Swiss government agreed on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, to resell 25 refurbished Leopard 2 battle tanks back to Germany to add to military assistance for Ukraine.

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