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The Ministry of Health recommended to shorten the interval between two doses of vaccine

The Ministry of Health recommends shortening the time between vaccine doses to 14 days. Chief State Sanitary Doctor Ihor Kuzin said this in an interview with Radio Svoboda.

Now the period between the 1st and 2nd doses of the vaccine is 28 days. "In order to reach more people, it is now recommended to use the 14-day interval," Kuzin stated.

The Chief Sanitary Doctor stressed that, for example, recent studies of the CoronaVac vaccine in many countries were carried out at an interval of 14 days.

Context. Over the last 24 hours on August 7, 78,965 people were vaccinated in Ukraine. The first dose was received by 50,993 people, the second—by 27,972 people.

Since the beginning of the campaign, 4,106,085 people have been vaccinated, of which 4,106,083 people received the first dose, 2 381,190 people received two doses. A total of 6,487,273 vaccinations were made.


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